What is earned media and is it better than advertising?

This is also referred to as “organic” media. Earned media might include mentions in web articles, television interviews, and user-generated videos, for example. PR companies in Sri Lanka, Influencer marketing in Sri Lanka, digital marketing, and events are frequently used by brands to develop earned media strategy.

Earned media, as opposed to owned media, is promotion and coverage provided by third-party organizations or publications. Some brands will pitch news about a campaign they’re running to publications in the hopes of gaining earned media in the form of a news piece. Another approach for brands to get earned exposure is through awards.

Earned media coverage, gaining authority, and brand awareness from storied coverage in new channels can all help a developing brand. Some brands have full public relations teams dedicated to cultivating connections with the press in order to gain earned media coverage, while others have entire public relations teams dedicated to cultivating relationships with the press in order to gain earned media coverage.

If owned media sites are the destination, earned media is the mode of transportation that gets people there. What good is a website or social media platform if no one visits it or engages with it? Earned media has a role in this. Earned media is simply online word of mouth, and it takes the shape of ‘viral’ trends, mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations, and content picked up by third-party sites. A combination of excellent organic search engine rankings and content supplied by the brand is usually one of the most powerful driving forces of earned media.

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