Famous Hairstyles – Past and Present

There have always been those hairstyles that have become popular trends throughout every era in history. Most styles of today, in one way or another came from those famous looks of the past. Things change so much during the years and especially in any type of fashion. A number of fashionable trends start with the hottest celebrities at the moment since so many people look at them for the all important fashion do’s and don’ts.

This a list of 7 famous hairstyles of the past and present.

1. Bob / Finger Wave

The most popular and well-known style of the 1920′s was the Bob / Finger Wave. Such actresses as Zelda Fitzgerald and Colleen Moore introduced this style. This was also called “The Flapper”. To achieve this popular style the hair would be cropped from the chin to the ear and molded into waves.

2. Long Loose Curls

Soft curls falling or long, wavy natural looks were popular in the 1940′s. The curls from this time were quite loose, though they could be put up quite glamorously. Actresses such as, Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall made this long, loose, and curly look most popular in this era.

3. The Bouffant / Beehive

The 1960′s Bouffant hairstyle was hugely popular. One reason being who wore this latest style. Jackie Kennedy, the first lady really defined this hairstyle. It wasn’t long and women all over the world were wearing this style. Later younger girls came up with a new version of the Bouffant, which was named the Beehive. Girls achieved this style by teasing their hair up with plenty of hairspray in a shape that mimicked a beehive.

4. Feathered Flip

We all remember the 1970′s and the Farah Fawcett hairstyle. Countless women just had to have this hairstyle. With this look, the hair would be parted and teased back, but still soft and flowing.

5. Perm

Perms had first been seen before the 1980s, but had not become well known until then. Women and men both were putting perms in their hair. This was done by a chemical process that adds curl to straight hair. One actress who wore this style beautifully in the 80′s was Julia Roberts.

6. The Rachel

Who can forget “The Rachel” style of the 1990′s? A certain character (Rachel) from the hit television series “Friends” started this hairstyle trend. This style spread like wildfire and women everywhere wanted it. This haircut is a layered, bouncy style with plenty of volume.

7. Layered Bob

There have been many haircuts that were really cute, but not many could be styled and worn in different ways. The Layered Bob is definitely a style that is versatile and easy to maintain. This cut works well on all facial shapes and hair textures, and also looks great straight as well as curly.

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