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Famous Hairstyles – Past and Present

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There have always been those hairstyles that have become popular trends throughout every era in history. Most styles of today, in one way or another came from those famous looks of the past. Things change so much during the years and especially in any type of fashion. A number of fashionable trends start with the hottest celebrities at the moment since so many people look at them for the all important fashion do’s and don’ts.

This a list of 7 famous hairstyles of the past and present.

1. Bob / Finger Wave

The most popular and well-known style of the 1920′s was the Bob / Finger Wave. Such actresses as Zelda Fitzgerald and Colleen Moore introduced this style. This was also called “The Flapper”. To achieve this popular style the hair would be cropped from the chin to the ear and molded into waves.

2. Long Loose Curls

Soft curls falling or long, wavy natural looks were popular in the 1940′s. The curls from this time were quite loose, though they could be put up quite glamorously. Actresses such as, Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall made this long, loose, and curly look most popular in this era.

3. The Bouffant / Beehive

The 1960′s Bouffant hairstyle was hugely popular. One reason being who wore this latest style. Jackie Kennedy, the first lady really defined this hairstyle. It wasn’t long and women all over the world were wearing this style. Later younger girls came up with a new version of the Bouffant, which was named the Beehive. Girls achieved this style by teasing their hair up with plenty of hairspray in a shape that mimicked a beehive.

4. Feathered Flip

We all remember the 1970′s and the Farah Fawcett hairstyle. Countless women just had to have this hairstyle. With this look, the hair would be parted and teased back, but still soft and flowing.

5. Perm

Perms had first been seen before the 1980s, but had not become well known until then. Women and men both were putting perms in their hair. This was done by a chemical process that adds curl to straight hair. One actress who wore this style beautifully in the 80′s was Julia Roberts.

6. The Rachel

Who can forget “The Rachel” style of the 1990′s? A certain character (Rachel) from the hit television series “Friends” started this hairstyle trend. This style spread like wildfire and women everywhere wanted it. This haircut is a layered, bouncy style with plenty of volume.

7. Layered Bob

There have been many haircuts that were really cute, but not many could be styled and worn in different ways. The Layered Bob is definitely a style that is versatile and easy to maintain. This cut works well on all facial shapes and hair textures, and also looks great straight as well as curly.

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Easy Christmas Presents With Scrapbook Materials

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It may only be fall, but if you’re planning to make your own Christmas presents, now is the time to start! But don’t rush out to the craft store to load up on supplies; if you’ve got basic scrapbook supplies in your stash, you can create some gorgeous handmade gifts for your friends and family. Here are just a few of the quick Christmas gifts you can whip up with supplies you already have on hand:

1. Grandparents’ Mini-Album. Pull a handful of photos of your child and his or her grandparents, and put them together in a simple mini-album. Decorate chipboard covers, trim cardstock to fit, embellish, and punch holes. Add binder rings, and you’re done.

2. Decorated Frame. Choose a favorite photo, trim a spare piece of chipboard slightly larger than the photo, cut out an opening for your photo, and embellish the frame. You can paint it or cover it with patterned paper, add buttons and ribbons, and more. Let your imagination go wild!

3. Greeting Card Set. Take all your odds and ends of scrapbook supplies and create a set of 6 greeting cards. Remember to include a variety of occasions — birthday, thanks, thinking of you — and tie them up with a sassy ribbon. Done!

4. Fill-In Album. For a non-scrapper, one of the best presents you could give them is a blank scrapbook album. Create an album that’s ready for their photos (keep it standard size as the idea of “cropping photos” may be too advanced for them!). Embellish the pages and hand it over with instructions to add their own snapshots. (P.S. you might just convince them to give scrapbooking a try).

5. Banners. Banners and pennants are all the rage in the scrapbooking world! Decide on a sentiment or word to spell (“Merry Christmas,” “Joy,” or even the family’s name), cut out the appropriate number of flags for the banner, and decorate. You can spell the word with letter stickers or stamps, die-cut alphas, or hand-cut letters. Then embellish, string together with ribbon, and package it up nicely.

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Why We Love Video Presentations

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People are likely to respond favorably to video-advertisements than printed ones. Platforms that can help you distribute your video-advertisement to potential consumers through the internet are more accessible these days. Web 2.0 enables consumers and producers interact effectively with each other on the net. Video advertisements are positive reinforcements to this.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then imagine what a video is worth. The multimedia generation has emerged and images that move convey a message effectively than printed ones. People are more likely to respond to video-advertisements that present a quality product than read about it in print.

Videos leave a lasting impression. People are respond favorably to products that have video-advertisements and companies that put budget to create such. A company putting effort, attention and money to produce video-advertisements convey the message that they are a strong company. Tools are readily available to create videos nowadays.

Gone are the days when more effort is put to come up with one video-advertisement. Advances in technology have enabled even ordinary people to create a video advertisement easily.

Have you noticed how people are likely to watch a video presentation that highlights a company’s history than listen to a monologue about it?

Along with a business card, more businesses are likely to hand out CDs containing a video promoting their products. Adding your contact information in a video convey a sense of personality to your business.

Slogans and jingles can captivate the mind of potential consumers. Key phrases help identify your business and increase awareness about your product. Imagine how the phrase “Just Do It” raked millions of dollars for a particular sports brand.

Take advantage of what technology has provided you these days to increase your market share. Video advertising is a powerful tool to get the message across.

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A Helping Hand With Mothers’ Birthday Presents

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Children’s gifts are often loved by their moms. Presents are not the ultimate gift to most mothers. A child’s thoughtfulness is often the better gift. Mothers love the idea that their children remembered her birthday and thought it would be great to get her something special. Making your mom feeling extra special should be your focus and not relying on acknowledgment as an acceptable gift.

Making birthday cards is always seen as extra special. Homemade presents can take her back to the days when you went to school and brought cards home that you had fabricated at school. Never forget to mention “Happy Birthday” to her as well. If she sheds a tear, you will know you have done well.

You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers on her birthday. You should double check to ensure that she won’t have any allergic reactions to the gifted flowers. She will definitely feel special with these. Your mother is still a girl inside her no matter how old she is, and girls just love to receive flowers.

Taking away her cooking chores for the day may excite her. Don’t worry about preparing complicated dishes that require a team of souse chefs. You don’t even have to prepare whole meal as you could just prepare a special dessert. It is best to have her closest family and a few friends to celebrate this special with.

Getting your mother exactly what she wants is also another great option. Try to get something she has had her eye on, such as a new hand bag. Buying her something that she wouldn’t buy herself is not a smart idea. Spoil your mother because she deserves it for all of her hard work.

What about getting her passes to a local spa treatment center? Being pampered is something she has probably dreamed about for a long time. How about a massage or a fancy hair cut or trim? Your goal is to get her to relax from everyday tasks. Some gift certificates are a great idea for a mother who is busy and has a hard time sticking to a schedule.

The effort you put in to her gift will be noticed. Think about a few things that will excite her on her special day. Look in to your heat and feel out what she would like, you can’t go wrong with that.

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Travel For Free – Just Watch a 90-Minute Presentation

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go on vacations for free?

Or maybe you could go to rich places and get the best treatment, food, and drinks!

You don’t need to think that this is a fantasy. It is completely possible. All the time, everywhere around the planet people are going on vacations for free. These vacations are provided for by advertising companies that want to sell you a timeshare or other products in exchange for your time.

These free trips can be yours only for attending 90-minute presentations once you arrive. Once you get to the resort you will attend these presentations in order to have free access to the hotel and free plane tickets. In exchange for all of this you will have to listen to a few hours of marketers trying to sell you all kinds of stuff, but you don’t have to buy anything.

They use this opportunity to sell you all kinds of things, and usually it works. They can usually know what you want by analyzing your salary, where you live, and your age. It’s actually quite easy to make these kinds of judgements for marketers.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have done this already, and the funny thing is that they are looking for you to take their free vacations.

You can stay at 5-star hotels for free and eat amazing food while looking at amazing views.

Cancun, Mexico is a popular place for marketing companies to do this because it is cheap for them to rent the hotel rooms. When I say cheap, I mean $200 per night. A lot of the times the whole trip is all-inclusive. Cancun is probably the best place to go because it is so beautiful.

You can probably guess that since Cancun is so cheap for them that they really want to send you there. The way that they make money is that after sending you there if they sell you a timeshare it can be worth thousands of dollars to them in future fees. Plus you might actually want one.

Of course first you have to qualify to have the free vacation.

In order to get a free vacation you have to have a job. You have to also have a salary over $10,000 per year. Plus, you must live in Canada or the United States.

If you don’t qualify then you can be sure that they have other opportunities that they will suggest to you. Plus they will let you bring your whole family on the trip with you.

Bringing your whole family will be great as you won’t have to pay for their plane tickets either.

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